Privacy Policy

Welcome to an internet website, which is owned and administrated by UAB "Terra Baltica", its daughter enterprises, branches and other individuals.

1. Introduction and concepts

In this document you will find all questions regarding "" privacy policy (further "privacy policy") that can arise for all individuals using internet websites listed below and the services provided by them. Concepts used in privacy policy are consistent with the concepts and their meanings used in Terms and conditions of use (further "Terms") except for occassions when particular concepts are defined seperately in this privacy policy.
Privacy policy applies for these internet websites:

(all websites are called "Websites" further).

1.2. In the sense of this privacy policy, services encompass all and any actions of individual visiting Websites (further "Visitor") that he is able to do in the Websites including but not limited to meeting possible acquintances, e-mail, communication in forums, interactive communication ("chat"), games, reading of published material, commenting, any kind of information upload and (or) download (further "Services").

1.3. By using Services Visitor automatically agrees with this privacy policy and other documents available in the Websites, where Visitor's information collection purposes, methods, protection etc. are identified. If visitor does not agree with this privacy policy, Visitor does not have the right to use any of the Services.

2. "" information collection

2.1. When using Websites, Visitor may be asked to Register, so that Visitor may use certain Services.

2.2. "" has the right to use all information provided by Visitor during Registration as well as information collected in "" in other ways.

2.3. Information, which is collected during Registration and (or) when logging in to the Websites or simply visiting the Websites is grouped into anonymous and personal.

2.3.1. Anonymous information. "" collects anonymous information related to facts that can not applied to individual visitor. For example, "" collects certain information everytime Visitor visits "" website to increase the quality of browsing for logged in Visitors. "" collects IP addresses of all visitors and data that goes with it (for ex. adress of the webpage last visited before visiting "" webpage) as well as browser and operational system types (for ex. "FireFox" browser in "Windows" operational system). " also collects common search expressions from different software focused on inside advertising as well as a list of 50 most popular search keywords. "" collects this visitor information for the purpose of Service observation, increasing quality and other purposes. "" also collects information on answers given by Visitor in the Websites to understand Visitor's opinion on Services and advertisements found in the Websites better. "" receives this information from all visitors, it does not depend on Registration. 

2.3.2. Personal information. This is information related to details, which exactly state who is the Visitor, such as name, address etc. This information can be collected as a supplement to anonymous information. "" collects personal information from different parts of the Websites in the ways described further: Registration: when Visitor is registering to the Websites, Visitor (if there are no other indications) provides these details: name, address, post code, e-mail address, birth date, gender, telephone number, occupation, family status and (or) other information, which is required during the process of Registration. Additional registration: "" may require additional registration for the use of certain Services, for ex. when Visitor takes part in competitions and promotional events that are sponsored by "". "" partners may also require personal information. If Visitor wishes to use Paid Services, "" may require information such as credit card number, telephone number and other details, which are obligatory. If these details are not provided, "" may prevent Visitor from using certain Services. Correspondence and communication: if Visitor contacts "", "" may keep records of communication and information related to it. "" has the right to collect information about Visitor when Visitor connects to network. This information shows webpages visited by Visitor, time and frequency of the visits. This information also includes details that Visitor sends in "" network.

3. Individuals receiving information

3.1. Information provided by Visitor during Registration and any other information that becomes accessible to "" Visitor while using the Websites and (or) Services is collected and kept only at "". "" keeps the right to share information selected by "" about Visitor with third parties, as much as "" terms of personal details administration, "" terms of use and laws that apply allow it.

3.2. "" would like to point out that there may be links to other internet webpages in the Websites. Some of them may gather Visitor's personal information while promotional webpages may use cookies and web beacons (network spies) in their advertisements to collect information about Visitor. Please read 4th section of privacy policy, where you will find more on advertising in the Websites. "" privacy policy and provisions described in it does not include privacy policy applied by third parties and their provisions on information collecting. "" is not and will not be held responsible for Visitor's information collection and other actions of third parties.

4. Cookies, Web beacons and their use

4.1. Visitor understands and accepts that "" collects anonymous information about Visitor using cookies and web beacons.

4.2. Cookie is a small text document that has unique identification number, which is transmitted from a webpage to Visitor computer's hard drive to let the webpage administrator recognize Visitor's computer and see Visitor's actions on the internet. Unique number identifies Visitor's browser every time Visitor visits the Websites. Cookie does not let internet webpages remember any personal information of Visitor (such as name and address), which might be forgotten to be kept in secret by Visitor.

4.3. Cookie lets "" automatically remember Visitor's browser type when Visitor visits the Websites. To offer better quality of services "" uses cookies to:

4.3.1. be able to provide goods and services in the most effective manner. Having certain information in cookie documents or relating cookie with registration, favourite webpages or Visitor's description at "" computer system, lets "" provide Services significantly quicker and smarter to a higher number of visitors. This information is usually kept in coded form, which can only be transcribed by "";

4.3.2. protect Visitor from illegal use of Registration details. In some Websites cookie lets identify only one Visitor with identifying name who is using Services;

4.3.3. be able to cumulate statistics such as visitors number and stream. This information is not associated with Visitor's personal information.

4.4. Use of cookie is industrial standart, so they are used in various internet webpages. There is a possibility to prevent cookie from penetrating Visitor's computer or prohibit any form of cookie. In that case, portion of the Services may partly or fully stop working.

4.5. Web beacons, also known as GIFs or one pixel GIFs are small graphical documents, which may be published in the Websites or e-mails that Visitor receives from "". Cookies and Web beacons together let "" accurately calculate unique number of visitors and respective webpage views in some internet webpages. By using web beacons "" is also able to know how many views did a particular webpage get when its advertisement was presented to Visitor by e-mail. This information is not related to Visitor's personal information.

4.6. Any picture found in the Websites might be web beacon. Third parties are able to use web beacons in their advertisements or other promotional methods.

4.7. Web beacons and cookies work together, so Visitor may prohibit them from collecting information by setting browser to prevent all cookies or only those from the Websites.

5. Visitor's information use

5.1. "" can use all information collected about Visitor in all ways that are not against the laws of Lithuanian Republic.

5.1.1. in some cases "" needs to know specific details about Visitor to be able to offer specialized Services, specific advertisements and to edit content so that it is most relevant to Visitor. Sample parts of the Websites are weather forecast, horoscope, advertisements etc.

5.1.2. "" collects anonymous detail about visitors amount, number of advertisement views and (or) clicks on links in certain Website.

5.1.3. "" also uses general details for statistical analysis on common characteristics and actions of registered Visitors to find out needs related to certain sections of the Websites and analyse where and when to use current resources most effectively. Without these details "" would not know the most popular sections of the Websites and could not change, edit Content and Services accordingly.

5.1.4. "" collects general list of search keywords from various search software. This information is collected anonymously and is used for watching and improving Services, improving objective advertising and other purposes;

5.1.5. "" uses Registered Visitor's specific database to predict content of additional information that may be collected by "";

5.1.6. "" may use personal information of Visitor to contact and inform about changes and updates in Website's Services, about Visitor's accounts, terms violation and provide other information. If Visitor takes part in games or competitions organized in Websites, "" may use Visitor's information to contact Visitor in case of winning;

5.1.7. With Visitor's agreement "" may send e-mails, mails to post, sms to mobile phone with information on Services, which interest Visitor according to "". With Visitor's agreement "" may match collected information about Visitor with third party information to introduce interesting offers and new Services;

5.1.8. Visitor's credit card details, telephone number and other details may be used when collecting information related to Visitor's use of Paid Services.

6. Updating Visitor's information

6.1. Visitor may (and in some cases that are identified in the Terms, must) update and (or) change Login details if they have changed. Login details can be updated in ways and methods specified in the Websites.

7. Tools of information protection

7.1. "" uses software and other tools to protect Login details of all visitors. Login details of Visitor can only be seen by authorized "" staff. Credit card numbers that are used to pay for Paid Services are intentionally coded when sending this type of information.

7.2. "" reminds that Visitor is responsible for keeping Login details safe and secret. "" asks to be cautious when using and protecting Login details. Visitor should exit browser to ensure that no one will have access to Visitor's e-mail, personal information, especially in the cases when Visitor is using public access computer (for example at internet cafe or library).

7.3. "" commits to protecting Visitor's personal details that are administrated by "". Still, having in mind that information is sent through internet, "" warns that "" cannot and does not guarantee safety of information sent by Visitor, including personal details.

8. Under-age protection

8.1. "" cares for under-age right protection and limits their possibilities to use certain Services, which are only for adults.

8.2. Visitor can find more information on children and under-age protection from harmful internet effects here:

9. Software and installation

9.1. "" may provide access for software installation, which is used for certain Services available in Websites. Visitor acknowledges and accepts that "" may limit use of certain Services in cases when appropriate software is not installed. This software may be developed by "" or third parties. Software may be developed in such way that it will contact with "" or third party software autonomously to ensure the work of installed software and to let Visitor know about any updates of this software. Terms and conditions of use of this software are available seperately when Visitor is installing such software. 

10. Personal identification information protection

10.1. Visitor acknowledges and accepts that Login details and any other information related to Visitor, which is collected by "" may be under protection in Republic of Lithuania as well as any other country. When using Websites Visitor accepts with delivery of above information outside boundaries of Visitor's country.

11. Tools to be used by Visitor to protect information

11.1. "" warns that Visitor must be cautious and should not reveal personal information (such as real name, e-mail etc.) to third parties when using Services available in Websites. Such information could be used against Visitor in ways such as fraud, e-mail spam etc. To limit unwanted e-mails and domains, "" blocks certain e-mail addresses and domains, which do not not allow sending e-mail to any of Visitor's e-mail addresses that were created with e-mail service available in the Websites.

11.2. "" aims to protect under-age visitors using Websites and Services but "" does not have the ability to protect those individuals when they leave Websites. "" asks Visitor to warn under-age individuals to be cautious of sharing personal information with third parties when using Websites and (or) Services.

11.3. "" reminds parents about possibility to use software, which prevents under-age individuals from accessing unwanted information on the internet.

12. Contact us

12.1. All questions related to Privacy policy should be sent:

UAB "Terra Baltica"
Eišiškių pl. 72B, LT-0284, Vilnius, Lithuania

13. Updates

13.1. "" has the right to unilaterally change Privacy policy anytime and such changes become valid after publishing them in any of the Websites. If Visitor uses the Websites and (or) Services after changes have been published, it is regarded that Visitor agrees with all changes. If Visitor does not agree with the Privacy policy changes, Visitor is deprived from the right to use Services and must also immediately undo registration in the Websites.