General terms

These terms of buying and selling ("Terms") are legally obligatory, definining interconnected rights, obligations and responsibilities of Buyer and Seller when purchasing goods at e-shop,, ("").

Buying and selling agreement

Agreement between the Buyer and the Seller is in effect from the moment when the Buyer makes an order in the shopping cart, agrees to the terms and conditions of use and presses "Send (confirm) order". Each agreement that has been made between the Buyer and the Seller is kept in the website.

Rights of the Buyer

Buyer has the right to purchase goods at website based on these terms, conditions and rights set by the Seller. Buyer has the right to decline order in 24 hours or less since confirming order at website if the goods have not been sent to the Buyer yet. Order decline must be sent to the Seller in written form. In this case full price of the order is compensated to the Buyer. If the Buyer declines order in more than 24 hours after the order has been confirmed, Buyer has the right to decline order by informing Seller in written form. In this case full price is compensated to the Buyer after deducting order processing (15% of the good price) and shipment (according to the confirmed price list) costs.

Responsibilities of the Buyer

The Buyer must pay the agreed price for the goods and create orders in generally agreed terms. If the Buyer refuses to receive goods at the agreed delivery time without an important reason, the Buyer must fully pay extra delivery costs before second delivery.

When using e-shop the Buyer agrees to the Terms and Conditions and must follow them.

Rights of the Seller

If the Buyer tries to act against the work or stable operation of, the Seller can, without prior notification, restrict or stop the Buyer from further use of website.

The Seller can change the terms of these conditions unilaterally and chooses to publish them only on the website.

Responsibilities of the Seller

Create all conditions for the Buyer to appropriately use services of e-shop. Deliver ordered goods to the adress given by the Buyer and during the agreed delivery time.

If the Seller cannot deliver ordered goods because of extreme case, it is responsibility of the Seller to offer an analogous good. If the Buyer refuses to receive analogue of the good, the Seller refunds full purchase price in 10 workdays. If the good was delivered to the Buyer, delivery costs are not refunded.

Delivery of the goods

Goods are delivered over 2 - 30 calendar days worldwide. To special locations  goods are delivered according to the confirmed delivery times of courier services. Delivery times are indicated in the good's "Description" column and are seperate for each good category. When the Buyer makes purchase and requests for delivery of the ordered goods to the indicated adress, the Buyer must pay for the goods in advance using one of the payment options available. The Buyer must transfer full price, including delivery costs, to the UAB "Terra Baltica" account.

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Warranty date is set for manifacturing flaws. Warranty service document is the document of the good purchase. Warranty terms are valid only if the good's conditions of use were not violated and only if they agree with the current laws of Lithuanian Republic. If the Buyer comes in contact with any problem, it is recommended to submit all claims to the Seller through e-mail or phone, so the problem can be resolved. To avoid misunderstandings we strongly advice the Buyer to carefully read the good's instruction of use, labels and terms of warranty. The Seller confirms that in case of manufacturing flaws the good is to be replaced with analogue quality good according to the request of the Buyer. These requirements were set by current consumer protection laws. The Seller does not handle warranty maintenance. The Seller exchanges the good for an analogue one or refunds the price of the good according to the price paid.

Goods have been carried out in which personalization additionally fitted number, name, team or city names, advertising or any other additional notes, embroidery does not guarantee repayment object. In this case the return of the goods are not available, cash payments are carried out. Exception - faulty core product or the service of personalization.

When using discount vouchers, coupons and other rebates the real price of the good is always calculated as a specific good's worth, proportional size of all of the shopping cart.

Warranty obligations sells only original goods, which apply to the manufacturer's warranty obligations. The goods sold do not have manufacturing flaws or other fabric flaws. If you think that your good has manufacturing flaw, address the Seller. If expertise will determine fabric or manufacturing flaw, the good will be fixed or replaced with a new one. If we will not be able to fix or replace the good, you will be refunded. Warranty is valid with the original cheque of purchase. Warranty is not apllied if the good was damaged when using it or if it was not appropriately taken care of.

The place to return goods is the Seller's storage in Sartų str. 4 (near Salininkai), Eišiškių pl.72B 02186 Vilnius Lithuania - Lietuva.

Decline of order - Return of goods

Return of goods is based on Republic of Lithuania economy ministers' order nr. 217 "On return of goods and exchange terms verification". Before physically returning good the Buyer must initiate return procedure by providing the right information to the e-mail of administration.

The returning good must be fully packed. The Buyer is responsible for full packaging of the good. If the good is not fully and appropriately packed, the Seller does not accept the returning good. The good must be returned in packaging with which it was delivered. Packaging must be without any damage signs, it must be clean, appropriately prepared and packed. The goods are returned by the Buyer with own transport except for cases when the good is returned because of its quality. When such good is returned, the Seller is responsible for taking the good and replacing it with analogous good. If the Seller does not have analogous good, the Seller can provide the Buyer with a refund (shipment costs excluded) or replace the good with another, analogous one after mutual agreement.

The Buyer is fully responsible for correctness of information provided in the registration form. If the Buyer does not provide correct information in the registration form, the Seller is not responsible for any consequences because of that. The Buyer is responsible for actions in website. The Buyer is responsible for giving away login information to third parties. If third parties are using login information of the Buyer, the Buyer is responsible for the actions of third parties. The Seller is not responsible for information provided in other websites even if the Buyer goes there through links available in website. In case of any damage done, guilty party is responsible for paying back the damage done to the other party.

Information sending

The Buyer sends all messages and question using contacts (e-mail or telephone number) provided in website.

Closing provisions

Terms and conditions are applicable to the laws of Lithuanian Republic. All disagreements concerning execution of these terms and conditions are resolved during negotiations. If agreement cannot be reached, disagreements are resolved in the ways indicated by the laws of Lithuanian Republic.

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